Winter Spa Specials at Elements of Touch!

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Enjoy a wide variety of winter specials at our boutique riverside wellness spa! Get a complimentary back scrub with a one hour massage, complimentary hot rocks with a 75 minute massage, and a complimentary vitamin C mask and back scrub with a 90 minute massage. Season of Joy Shed some skin and welcome the new with our collagen anti-aging face treatment & 30 min back massage. 90 min treatment for only $ 125! Warm Milk & Honey Foot Soak Treat yourself to a soak for your tired feet in our beautiful bowl of warm milk and honey mix to hydrate and restore your most trusted extremity. Also includes a gentle exfoliating scrub and finishes with a goat milk & honey body butter (made locally in Colorado) foot massage and Reflexology treatment – YUM! $50 lasts 40 min Combine with a full body massage $130 – can be done side by side Take some of our awesome goat milk and wildflower honey lotion home with you – a great gift $18 Rub & Wrap Combo The best of both worlds: 30 min of bodywork, focused or full-body, using our anti-inflammatory herbal compound and 30 min of INFRARED SAUNA BLANKET– enjoy a restorative scalp treatment with warm oils and a scalp massage while you heat up in the blanket . 60 min- $100 Outer Glow Inner Peace Celebrate the holidays with inner BLISS and Start that NEW YEAR our right! It’s the whole package of rejuvenation–body scrub, shower, face/scalp treatment, massage, and wrap–find your outer glow and inner peace. Approx 2 HR- $200 Sinus Survival Winter air can be harsh on your sinuses–relieve head pressure, headaches, and congestion, and create a spaciousness in your head with our Ayurvedic system of cleansing. Includes a Neti pot application, a hot wet towel and facial steam, facial and sinus massage, and an application of 2-4 drops of Nasya oil in each nostril. 30 minutes: $30

Elements of Touch Wellness Spa

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  • Ph: (970) 586-6597

Elements of Touch Wellness Spa provides a harmonious and powerful healing environment that is small in size and high in quality.... more details