As some native animals retreat to their dens, another world wakes up in Estes Park. It's considered a favorite season by many visitors, because as soft snow blankets the valley, the views become even more dramatic-and the backcountry even more delightful.

Rent gear at a local shop and hit the trails on snowshoes or Nordic skis-both activities are fun
and easy enough that everyone can do it. Take a guided tour through new terrain in the national
park, or venture out to Bear Lake for a scenic excursion on your own.

A major outdoor attraction during the winter in Rocky Mountain National Park is ice climbing. Some of the best spots include Hidden Falls in the Wild Basin area or the Loch Vale drainage, about 1.5 miles from the Glacier Gorge Trailhead. Seasoned climbers can make their way on their own, but for those just starting out, we recommend hiring a guide to show you the ropes.

The cabins, lodges and condos throughout the village offer a toasty respite from snow-filled days,
with fireplaces and hot tubs to relax in at night. Enjoy warm cocoa on the deck of our riverside
cabins with the whole family or-if you prefer more refined service-stay at our full-service hotels
where signature cocktails are sure to warm you right up.

Explore a full list of activitieseventslodging and dining options throughout Estes Park!