When our family found out we were hosting a family reunion in Colorado at Estes Park, everyone wanted to come: the folks from Florida, sisters from Massachusetts and Arizona, and brothers from Iowa, Texas and Littleton, Colorado. Even our long lost cousins from Ketchikan, Alaska made the trip to the lower 48 to attend, the first time that our extended family finally came together. And it was Estes Park that brought them here. Why? Because there is something for everyone at a family reunion in Colorado.

One afternoon our east coast family organized a “regatta” at the Estes Park Marina while another group hopped on mountain bikes and rode Devils Gulch Road to the Glen Haven Store for their world famous cinnamon rolls.

Our golfers hit the links at Estes Park’s spectacular golf course while my son took his cousins to his “secret” fishing spot along the Big Thompson River.No visit to Estes Park would be complete without a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. I strapped on my hiking boots and took 30 plus family members up the steep trail to Gem Lake.

Those who enjoyed the experience hiked up to Sky Pond a couple days later and came back with spectacular pictures of the alpine lake.One morning, we took several cars up Trail Ridge Road, stopping at Many Parks Curve, Rainbow Curve and the Rock Cut to take pictures. We pulled into the big parking lot at the Alpine Visitor Center, located at nearly 12,000 feet above sea level. Those who could breathe raced up “Huffer Hill,” while the more sensible shopped and grabbed a bite to eat.

The ladies enjoyed the shops along tree-shaded Elkhorn Avenue, with trips planned every afternoon. They were so exhausted at the end of the day that they were forced to pamper themselves at a local spa. With their eyebrows plucked and toenails painted, they enjoyed a relaxing massage next to the river.

Our senior generation enjoyed sitting on the deck and swapping family stories. One morning they watched a small black bear run across the lawn and every afternoon enjoyed a friendly marmot who sunbathed on a nearby rock.

We’re a competitive bunch, so we conducted a miniature golf tournament, with bragging rights to follow. Also, there were the go-kart races and the bumper boats, with a basketball game at Stanley Park’s outdoor courts. Every evening we gathered for our family picnic in the cool Colorado air. One night we hired local legend Cowboy Brad to sing and tell jokes.

Our extended family loved Estes Park so much; they returned several years later for another reunion. If you’d like to organize a family or any type of reunion in Estes Park please let our give our Group Sales department a call at the Estes Park Visitor Center: 970-577-9900.