Last year, I wrote..;

"'There is nothing so American as our national parks,' said President Franklin D Roosevelt. And this week we celebrate these American treasures. According to the National Park Service “National Park Week is a time to explore amazing places, discover stories of history and culture, help out, and find your park!” We’re guessing most of you have already found Rocky to be your park, or hopefully just one of your parks. And there are so many ways to appreciate them. Hiking their trails, nose pressed against the car window (as long as you’re not driving) or just cozied up reading and imagining"

Followed by some ideas on how to get out and enjoy it. This year, we can't get out and celebrate in Rocky Mountain National Park in person. So instead, we'll celebrate virtually with Google Street View and Photo Spheres and mentally put ourselves there, hopefully as a break from staying home.

The Summit of Longs Peak

Mills Lake
Ouzel Falls

Alpine Tundra

Lumpy Ridge