June is a very popular time to visit the mountains - the summer heat is setting in down below, wildflowers are springing up, baby animals are being born, and everything feels fresh and new. Here are the top 5 picks of things to do while in Estes Park during June.

1. Visit the Estes Park Wool Market: The largest fiber festival in the west, this annual, free event takes place the first week in June at the Fairgrounds at Stanley Park. Perfect for families, crafters or animal lovers, the two-day Wool Market features many types of animals, performances and competitions, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and lots of shopping! 

2. Celebrate a Calf Birthday: Nothing is more magical than the beginning of a new life, and this goes for elk as well. While keeping a safe distance, watch for the little spotted rumps stumbling to keep up with mama or frolicking with new friends in the meadows around Estes Park. These little darlings will soon be one of the herd, but for now they are a delightful spectacle for spring visitors! 

3. Hike in the Wildflowers: Luscious rainbows abound in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park as the meadows come to life with waves of blossoms. Grab a book at a local bookstore to help you identify the various buds, or simply enjoy the views along your hike. Recent wildfire areas are great for learning more about new growth and cycles of the forests.

4. Picnic in the Park: With warm, sunny days and blue skies, June heralds the start of the picnic season. Whether you are heading to a favorite spot in the national park or enjoying a free concert downtown, opportunities for dining al fresco are everywhere. Local restaurants offer take-out and picnic packages to make this favorite pastime easy and even more relaxing!

5.  Soak Under the Stars: June's days may be warming, but its mountain nights stay cool. What better way to wind down after a long hike or snuggle up with a loved one than in a hot tub at your favorite lodging location? Just the two of you, or with a group of friends, a toast under the night sky in warm water brings the perfect end to the day. Grab some local wine or beer to make this Estes evening even better.