For those looking off the beaten path, these secret gems are great fun, though they may not be quiet treasures for long!

Outdoor Adventure

Looking for a new way to explore the Estes Park area? Perhaps a new way to get that adrenaline flowing and your heart beating? Try your hand, or your feet rather, at trail running. Depending on the season, some area trails may get a bit crowded for this fast-paced sport, but heading out early in the morning or mid-evening can prove to be a quieter time. Or head into the national forest to find some lesser-known trails - start east of Estes Park at Pole Hill or south past Camp Cheley. Download a map of the Estes area trails for easy reference. These trails are great for hiking as well, and many of them are dog-friendly!

Dining Delights

Trying the local cuisine is often a favorite venture for travelers. While the mountains may not be known for a special type of cuisine - discounting Rocky Mountain oysters, of course - Estes Park has been known for generations for the tasty rewards that come from regional ranching and fishing. Add in the area's abundant wild game and your locally sourced menu is quite robust. A number of Estes Park eateries specialize in local meats, wild game or stream trout. 

Go to the Pros

If you are looking to try something new, or simply don't trust your spouse's mountain navigational skills, consider consulting or hiring a local professional. Guides in Estes Park specialize in everything from climbing to backcountry skiing, off-roading to fly fishing. Not only can a local guide teach you something new and ensure your safety, but they also can help you perfect your skill, form or pace.