One of the newest shops along the famous Elkhorn Ave in Estes Park is the Dragon Leaf Tea Company that specializes in hundreds of hand blended teas for every season and reason. Shoppers can stop in for premium quality loose leaf tea, tea gifts, tea ware and organic herbs. Their friendly tea experts can help find your perfect cup of tea, explain the five basic teas and pour tea samples before purchasing. 
Winter is the perfect time to sip on a variety of teas to warm up, energize for the day or sit back and relax. As snowshoers start to make their way into Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park this winter, the Dragon Leaf Tea Company shares the perfect tea blends to compliment a day of winter adventure:

Pre- Snowshoe Blend - Ginseng Oolong Tea
This powerful tea is full of antioxidants that will help the body perform while on your outdoor adventure and provide a powerful immunity strength boost. The ginseng will give both a body and brain boost to energize and keep the mind sharp for any twists and turns that you may come upon on a snowy trail.

Post-Snowshoe Blend - Immunity Blend
A powerful immunity blend tea that contains astragalus root, licorice root, and honeysuckle will reduce any inflammation caused by your winter outing in the mountains. This combination of cooling herbs will help maintain immunity strength and cool muscles post-workout.

An Evening at the Cabin - Sleepytime Blend
This calming tea combines Chrysanthemum and kebaba, root that will help you unwind for a relaxing night next to the fireplace. These herbs help muscles relax and reduces any tension that might be held in your body and mind.

Tea Tip: The Dragon Leaf Tea Company suggests that water used for tea isn't brought to a full boil. When full-boil water is added to the tea it could scald the tea leaves, leaving a bitter tasting tea. White tea should be served at a temperate of 170 deg. - 190 deg. and darker teas can be served at a bit higher temperate, if desired. 
So, pick out your perfect mug and steep some tea to fuel your Estes Park adventures!  The Dragon Leaf Tea Company can supply you with all the teas listed above and many more, all with knowledge and friendly service. Stay up to date on new teas, products, words of wisdom and tea education by following the Dragon Leaf Tea Company on Instagram, @DragonLeafTeaCompany and their Facebook Page.