Calling all racers, from seasoned pros to the race-curious: You can find your perfect event here in Estes Park this summer. Estes has world-class mountain views to keep you charging, the chance for wildlife sightings, and bragging rights at participating in a race at 7,500 feet. Plus those brilliant blue skies make participating in a race in Estes Park one to Instagram about. Choose a race (or two) to round out your summer fun; we've got something for everyone, from the casual runner to the competitive athlete.

Estes Park Races:


Post-race refueling

What better way to rest and replenish after a good hard (or fun) run than to stretch your legs out on a patio and soak up some sun with a mountain view? Choose the patio that serves your preferred post-run food: from beers to pizza to smoothies there is something for every runner’s preference. Check out some of our favorite patios or find the perfect post-run restaurant.

Not a runner?

If you prefer mountain bikes to trainers check out the Estes Epic 55K Mountain Bike Race. Not for the casual rider, this race traverses Roosevelt National Forest and boasts 5300 feet of elevation gain over forest access road and pristine single track.

Pro-tip: Make a weekend out of it for the ultimate experience


Races in the Rocky Mountains generally start early to avoid afternoon thunderstorms, so consider coming up the night before to make that early start easier. The extra hours at altitude will help your body adjust too. There is great food to fuel up with as well as nearly nighty live music and entertainment to keep the pre-race nerves at bay. Find a comfy place to stay and see what’s going on the weekend of your race.