Estes Park is known for its abundant wildlife, where elk stroll through the village streets, bighorn sheep observe the world below from rocky cliffs and marmots scurry across the tundra. What is unique is when one of the famous Estes Park elk takes up residence at a local resort each winter! McGregor Mountain Lodge a picturesque resort property with cabins and suites perfect for a true Estes Park getaway, has welcomed its resident elk each winter from the end of October through mid-May for the past five to six years.

The massive 7x7 (seven spikes on each antler) elk is approximately 14 to 17 years old, according to local wildlife experts. The team at McGregor Mountain Lodge has affectionately named him "Brat", as he has a rambunctious and defiant personality. The name was coined after he "trapped" the property maintenance man, Steve, in a storage shed by standing right outside the shed door for quite a while. Brat has also been known to rip flowers out of flower beds and take down a bird feeder or two over the years. He has welcomed guests to the lodge by peeking into their windows and snorting large puffs of fog onto the cabin windows.

One of Brat's more feisty moments came when the lodge's office received a call from a guest staying in one of the cabins who stated they couldn't leave the cabin because Brat was taking a nap on their front porch! As with all wildlife, McGregor Mountain Lodge and guests who stay there keep their distance and respect Brat, allowing him to go about his business without interfering. 

When summer arrives, Brat packs up and heads to a higher elevation, leaving the lodge around mid-May. The staff bids farewell until the fall, but they do receive updates from guests who spot  him in Rocky Mountain National Park, mostly in the tundra along Trail Ridge Road.

Guests staying at McGregor Mountain Lodge can take home one of the postcards of Brat and touch and feel one of his antlers that he shed on the property which they have displayed in the lodge office. McGregor Mountain Lodge shares Brats whereabouts on the property's social media channels, posting pictures of his antics and what he is up to each day.


Keep up with Brat by following these social channels here:
Twitter: @McGregorLodge 
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For reservations in one of McGregor Mountain Lodge's cabins or suites, visit their Website or give them and Brat a call at 970-586-3457.