Looking to see one of the most unique gingerbread houses in Estes Park this holiday season? The culinary creativity team at Scratch Bakery and Deli has created a sweet replica of one of Estes Park’s most iconic nearby landmarks.


Cru Shantz, owner of Scratch Bakery and Deli invested between 30-50 man hours recreating Estes Park’s Saint Malo Church. This recreation of Saint Malo’s is a purist’s build, using only gingerbread, royal frosting, and other holiday favorites. A breakdown of the building components include, pulled sugar  stained glass, chocolate raisinette stone work, pretzel handrails, and granola landscaping. Shantz had a few setbacks, with some of his more intricate and delicate components breaking on him, but knew he was too invested in this project to give up. 


This truly amazing gingerbread recreation is on display on Scratch Bakery & Deli, and you can see it for yourself as you order one of their delicious sandwiches! Then go see the real St. Malo church on Hwy 7, along the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway to see how realistic Cru Shantz got with his gingerbread creation.