The first craft distillery tasting room in Estes Park, Dancing Pines hand makes artisan top shelf spirits with natural, local, and high quality ingredients. Order a perfectly mixed cocktail or sample a tasting flight of their finest liqueurs. While visiting, learn about the unique process of creating distilled spirits in Colorado. Before you embark on this delicious sensory experience, Dancing Pines Distillery shares their top tips for tasting spirits: 


1. Warm the spirit. Chilling spirits can cover up flaws and dull the aromas. When you taste spirits it's best to start with room temperature and warm it just slightly by holding it in your hand.

2. Forget what you know about tasting wine. The higher alcohol content in spirits means there is more alcohol evaporating in the glass. Don't stick your nose into the glass as the ethanol will overwhelm your senses. Instead hold your nose over the glass and inhale.

3. Keep your mouth open. Leaving your mouth open while you smell the spirit allows a nice mixture of air helping you to pick up on the subtle aromas and not have them overwhelmed by the aroma of alcohol itself.

4. Sip, coat, swallow, quick breath. Take a sip of the spirit. Allow it to coat the inside of your mouth, but don't swish. Go ahead and swallow, not spit, part of the experience is the feel in your throat. Take a small quick breath through your mouth and then quickly close it again.

5. Dilute. Some aromas will be enhanced by slightly diluting the spirit. So add a few drops of water and repeat the process. You may be surprised at how much it changes with this slight dilution.

Immerse yourself in the craft beverage culture in Estes Park by visiting our local breweries and wineries to round out your tasting experience. You can also taste your way (slowly, of course) through the largest whiskey collection in Colorado, right here in Estes Park! 

Settle into the Dancing Pines Distillery tasting room in Estes Park after a fun day of shopping or playing in Rocky Mountain National Park. Conveniently located right next to Bond Park in the heart of downtown Estes Park, it is the perfect place to take in the views and the tastes of these locally crafted spirits.