While Estes Park is famous for being the base camp for Rocky Mountain National Park, this adventurous mountain village is also bordered by the Roosevelt National Forest which offers some adventures that are only in the forest. 

See the Trails on 2 Wheels

Now, to be fair, the national park recently announced that there will be a section of trail on the west side of the national park that will be open to mountain biking. But in the Estes Park area, mountain biking is only available in the national forest. Luckily, there are a number of trails near Estes that offer incredible mountain biking. You can event rent fat-tire bikes and trail bikes at local outfitters in town. 

Go Off Road

Start your engines! Some have spent years fixing up their 4X4s, while others prefer to rent them in town. Either way, you are in for the ride of your life! Get out there and blaze some trail, find the perfect overlook, camp away from all others and enjoy the incredible Rocky Mountains. If you're a newbie, you can always let someone else do the driving by going on an off-road tour instead

Hike with Your Husky 

Or mutt, or beagle, whatever breed your 4-legged friend is, you can bring them along on the trails in the national forest. From mountain strolls to rugged expeditions, the hiking options in the national forest are varied and plentiful with every trailhead offers dog-friendly trails.

Explore All Terrain Aboard an ATV

Prefer the smaller vehicles for your backcountry exploration? Bring your's along or borrow one from a local rental spot so that you can get out from behind the windshield to find your adventure.