Crews are working to improve access to and from Rocky Mountain National Park with the Downtown Estes Loop Project.

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4 Spring Itineraries in Estes Park

Spring is a special time in Estes Park. It’s somewhere between winter and summer (duh) and you can never be too sure what kind of adventure you’re going to have; it could be snow-filled, it could be soaking up sun. Either way, here are four different ways to do Estes in the spring, for every type of…

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Ice Climbing: The Estes Park Area is a Great Place to Learn

Colorado Mountain School Estes Park, Colorado, is the perfect basecamp for outdoor adventures, and the fun doesn’t stop when the mercury drops. Thanks to its high elevation, prolonged cold spells, and proximity to the high-quality ice in Rocky Mountain National Park, the Estes Park area is perfect…

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Does Estes Park Close in the Winter?

It’s an honest question we in Estes Park hear frequently. The short answer is no, Estes Park does not close in the winter. Read on to get some clarification – and to find out why you should visit the town of Estes Park this winter. Reason number one why Estes Park does not close in the winter: Estes…

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How to Beat the Summer Crowds in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is the crown jewel in a state known for its grandeur and scenery. It’s a paradise for anyone who loves sweeping vistas of craggy, snow-capped peaks rising from wildflower-covered tundra. The unparalleled natural beauty makes it the perfect setting for a wild adventure…

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Best Places to View the Perseids in Estes Park

The Perseid Meteor shower is an annual spectacle of "shooting stars," and Estes Park and its surrounding public lands are a great place to view it. Here's how--and when. What The Perseid Meteor shower occurs when the Earth's orbit passes through the trail left by the Comet Swift-Tuttle. The debris…

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The Plowing of Trail Ridge Road

Plowing isn't normally big news or cause for celebration--unless the plow is clearing Rocky Mountain National Park's Trail Ridge Road. This year (2022) Rocky Mountain National Park hopes to open Trail Ridge Road fully on Friday, May 28 - weather-permitting, of course. Trail Ridge Road connects…

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