Family Hike Elk
Elena Patton

Elena is a lover of all adventures to be found in Estes Park.  As a mother of 3 fur babies and 1 human baby, she is always on the lookout for fresh family fun experiences!  Check her out on Instagram @pattonsinparadise to see her and her family conquer the world one escapade at a time.

All About Aspens

What’s the deal with these beautiful trees that turn to glorious golden groves this time of year? Aspen trees stand out from their conifer neighbors with signature white bark and what almost appear to be eyes carved into its outer layer. They are unique in their advanced root system, which ties…

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What's Up with the Rut?

The sound of a bull elk bugling during mating season is one of the most plaintive and captivating things that you can hear in the mountains. It begins with a few growly bars, increases a few registers to a high pitch scream and then ends with a series of grunts. Sounding a little something like…

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