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10 Reasons to Visit Estes Park this Fall

Autumn in Estes Park is when everything falls into place. Your rock shoes will stick a little better, the trails are in ideal condition for mountain biking, trail running, or hiking, and the trout are biting. It's peak season for your favorite activities but not for the crowds if you can play hooky…

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How to Elk Fest in Estes Park

Outlined in yellow and orange leaves that warm the crisp mountain air, towering rockies glow in autumn light. It’s October in Estes Park, one of the few places where your family dinner is accompanied by background sounds of bugling elk, and that’s exactly why we kick off the month with our beloved…

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What's Up with the Elk Rut?

The sound of a bull elk bugling during mating season is one of the most plaintive and captivating things that you can hear in the mountains, and it happens every fall in Estes Park. It begins with a few growly bars, increases a few registers to a high pitch scream and then ends with a series of…

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