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Best Places to See the Stars in Estes Park

The wonders of outer space can be witnessed year-round in Estes Park, but during the summer months, you can bear witness to our very own Milky Way Galaxy. Estes Park becomes its own space capsule at night. All you have to do is look up! Rocky Mountain National Park Estes Park is right next door to…

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Retail Therapy in Downtown Estes Park

For a lot of us, hiking and being in nature is the best therapy, and here in Estes Park we have many trails perfect for reconnecting with ourselves. Shopping is also good therapy for some folks, and our beautiful town certainly has a lot of that, too. It’s easy to spend the entire day just walking…

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Take a Green Trip to Estes Park

Surrounded by mountains, the need to respect and commit to conserving our natural environment is evident in Estes Park. Here’s how you can do your part while you’re here. Nature Bath We’ve long known the positive impacts nature can have on your mental health, but did you know that it can also…

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