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Get to Know the Artist: James Frank

James Frank is an accomplished visual artist of the natural world. His photographs have been used in advertising for national companies, and receive wide publication in all media. Learn more about James in his Artist Profile below or check out James Frank Photography. Age: 62 Artform/Known for…

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What's Biting with Kirk's Flyshop

Fly fishing in and around Estes Park offers fantastic views and beautiful trout. What’s Biting allows anglers to get inside tips on fly fishing from Estes Park businesses that are casting on the streams and lakes everyday! In this edition, Kirks Flyshop recommends these top flies for summer, and…

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You're Invited to an Estes Park Wedding

Have you ever wondered what a wedding in Estes Park would be like? Follow Elizabeth Courtney, a talented lifestyle photographer with a love for all things Estes Park, and her future husband Kramer Hyland, July 16, as they take over our Instagram and share their big day with us! Get to know this…

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