Family Hike Elk

The Plowing of Trail Ridge Road

Plowing isn't normally big news or cause for celebration--unless the plow is clearing Rocky Mountain National Park's Trail Ridge Road. This year (2022) Rocky Mountain National Park hopes to open Trail Ridge Road fully on Friday, May 28 - weather-permitting, of course. Trail Ridge Road connects…

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The Best Apps for Your Trip to Estes Park

I know what you’re thinking. “Best apps? But this is my time to unplug!” There’s a way to experience the power of a digital detox while occasionally using a few apps to be more efficient and get the most out of your trip. Whether that’s figuring out where your next hike will start or answering your…

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7 Stunning Waterfall Hikes near Estes Park

Colorado’s snowpack is the lifeblood of the West. As it melts and makes its way down rivers and valleys, it makes some fine waterfalls, too. Late spring and early summer are the ideal times to make the most of the melt and see the falls gushing. Obviously, the falls are a grand sight to see, but…

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