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Guide to Finding Bigfoot in Estes Park

Proven Tips and Tricks to Finding America’s Reigning Hide and Seek Champion Is the way to Bigfoot’s heart through his stomach? Is it through your best jokes? Or maybe through speaking his language? With Estes Park’s first annual Bigfoot Days right around the corner, we think you should be able to…

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Estes Park Spring Hiking Guide

Spring is a unique season that comes with its own trail conditions and phenomena. Any day could feel awfully summery, or conversely, a lot like winter. Read on to be prepared for these conditions, and read this for more spring packing tips. Spring sets itself apart from the other seasons with the…

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Celebrating 6 Women Who Made Estes Park History

This Women’s History Month, let’s celebrate a few pioneers that have paved the way through their innovation, confidence, leadership, and their time spent in Estes Park. Today, we champion some badass ladies including Isabella Bird, Elizabeth and Esther Burnell, Mary Belle King Sherman, Imogene Green…

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