Family Hike Elk

A Multi-sport Adventure to (Really) Hidden Valley

For the latest on RMNP access during the shutdown, visit our shutdown page for up-to-the-minute information. The government shutdown has been hard on communities like Estes Park that depend on National Parks for visitors and business. It has been even harder on the parks themselves with many…

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How To: Leave No Trace

One key to visiting the public lands in and around Estes Park is to make sure you’re following Leave No Trace Principles. This preserves the land--and other visitors enjoyment. The gist is simple: leave the area how you found it, if not better. Before your next backcountry trip, learn and follow…

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Seven Reasons Isabella Bird Should be Your New Role Model

BY TRACY ROSS Isabella Bird was born in Yorkshire County, England, in 1831. She was a sickly girl but had a forward-thinking doctor who prescribed travel as an antidote to the insomnia and blues she suffered after an 1850 operation. She traveled by steamer to the eastern United States and Canada…

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