Travel Buzz

Visit Estes Park Has been hosting a series of fun, casual monthly morning meetings that we are calling "Travel Buzz". 

The purpose is to provide an opportunity to get to know you better; learn how we can further support you and your business; and to share a variety of tourism-related information and helpful updates from VEP. This includes a short one-hour webinar that relates to the tourism industry as part of the Travel Buzz series.

We close with a 30 minute discussion about the webinar, answer questions about Visit Estes Park, and assist you with anything you may need. This is also a great time to say hello to the VEP staff and get to know us better!


Travel Buzz Schedule: 

The Ultimate Guide to Brand Messaging - February 22, 2017

Once you’ve identified your brand – your Unique Selling Proposition – the next step is developing the “messaging” or how to portray your brand to the world. In this fast-paced workshop you’ll learn:

- How to “own” your brand in short order (what used to take years can now be done in months)
- What to say and how to say it (using several real-life examples) so it sticks
- The importance of the written and spoken word in branding (your brand is more than graphic design)
- Finding expertise in brand messaging AND graphic design

We’ll also cover the topic of “bridge brands.” What do you say when you may not yet “own” your brand, but are developing it? How do you “bridge” that gap. RSVP

Travel Buzz - November 22, 2016

Roger Brooks next live webinar is January 2017, so we have a unique opportunity for all of you in November and December – you get to choose the topic of the next two webinars.  Here is Roger’s full video library that VEP has access to (over 43 topics).  Please RSVP for the November 22 Travel Buzz and include which recorded webinar you are most interested in watching.  VEP will choose the most popular topic to present, which will also include our usual fun discussion afterward about how to implement the ideas shared in the webinar with our community. RSVP

How the Smart Destinations Are Getting Ahead with Offensive and Defensive Tourism -  October 26, 2016

This month Doug Lansky, author and travel writer, will be joining Roger. Doug will present the best practices of forward-thinking destinations from around the world. With more destinations than ever competing for visitors -- often the same visitors -- it's crucial to figure out your strongest niche, develop it, and "defend" your offering with great service and infrastructure. Doug will provide fresh concepts and perspectives that will help you rethink the way you market and develop your destination. RSVP

Telling the World You Exist: The Power of Public Relations -  August 10, 2016
The most powerful marketing on the planet is done through public relations. In this fast paced, exciting webinar we will show you how to effectively create a PR campaign. We’ll cover the tools you need (and how to develop them), the creation of an online Press Room, and how to get publishers, television producers, and writers to make you the next poster child for travel and lifestyle publications, television shows, and other media outlets. After all, for every dollar you spend on public relations, you’ll see a $3 return in “earned media.” We’ll explain it all. It’s my personal favorite subject.

The Rewards and Pitfalls of Branding -  July 20, 2016
Perhaps the most misunderstood topic in business and marketing, branding is both a nightmare and a Godsend. In this fast-paced workshop, which includes three case histories, you’ll actually meet several champions who have lived the experience. They will be on the call to answer your questions in the most interactive workshop we’ve produced. You’ll see the brand, what they’ve done, the rewards, successes, heartaches, and hear their first-hand accounts about the branding process.