Travel Buzz

Travel Buzz is a series of fun, casual and informative meetings for the purpose of providing VEP an opportunity to get to know you better, to learn how we can further support you and your business, and to share a variety of tourism-related information and helpful updates. We also connect with a Roger Brooks live one-hour webinar, each focusing on a different tourism topic, each month. Brooks is an internationally-known tourism consultant and having the opportunity to participate in his seminars is very exciting! VEP pays the yearly subscription fee for the Brooks webinar series.

We close with a 30 minute discussion about the webinar, answer questions you may have about Visit Estes Park, and we assist you with anything you may need. This is also a great time to network with your friends & colleagues, so we can all get to know each other better.

Travel Buzz Schedule: 

The Resurgence of Downtowns - Priority #1 - July 19, 2017


9:30 - 11:00 AM. (Arrive at 9:15 AM to order your beverage and treat)

Over the years we’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort helping make downtowns great – again. In this photographic-rich workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The seven reasons why downtowns are back and are absolutely critical to your long-term success as a sustainable community
  • What it takes to bring millennials (and even GenXers) back home (downtown plays a key role)
  • The future of downtowns (it’s a whole new game)
  • Why downtowns are a worthy investment (not an expense)
  • What it takes to bring downtowns back, or make them the community a showcase
  • Photography showcasing six smaller downtowns (it only takes a couple of blocks) and what they do for the community

This is a terrific primer to help encourage city and other government leaders to understand that downtowns are worth investing in. Its also a great way to foster public-private partnerships (it takes both) to create an outstanding downtown that will benefit local residents, businesses, and your visitors.

Downtown Revitalization - The Priority List - August 16, 2017

9:30 - 11:00 AM. (Arrive at 9:15 AM to order your beverage and treat)

Our video series “The 20 Ingredients of an Outstanding Downtown” is a must-see series for anyone and everyone that has an interest in your downtown. In this workshop we’ll uncover the priority list: what comes first, and in what order to set your priorities. You’ll see:

  • The “top-10” things you need to do, in order of importance
  • Low-cost things you can do, and in what order to do them
  • Photographic examples of each
  • Who should take the lead on each one
  • Examples on how implementation of each of these ten things lead to the funding and incentive for the next “to do” priority

This workshop is a great way to get your action item list in order, get support for your downtown efforts, and learn ways to accomplish your to-do list on a guerrilla budget. Don’t miss it!

Branding Case Histories - September 20, 2017

9:30 - 11:00 AM. (Arrive at 9:15 AM to order your beverage and treat)

If you’re like me, you love seeing case histories. Having worked in more than 1,500 communities around the world, I still learn new things every day. In this fun and fascinating workshop you’ll witness, through photographs and stories, how six different communities (all of them smaller towns) have found a great focus. You will discover how they have worked hard to put the product in place, and are now seeing extraordinary results. You’ll see:

  • What it was like before and the challenges they faced
  • How they found their focus (their brand)
  • What they did, how long it took, and when the “tipping point” took place
  • The results and the work still in-progress

You’ll love these new stories and they will have you pumped-up and inspired to so your story can be one we can share with the world!

Lodging, Attractions & Guides: Your Top 5 Marketing Priorities - October 18, 2017

9:30 - 11:00 AM. (Arrive at 9:15 AM to order your beverage and treat)

While we’ve concentrated our primarily efforts (including webinars and video workshops) on cities, towns, counties and communities, the best, most successful tourism efforts are built on the shoulders of private-sector attractions, activities (such as guide services), retailers, markets, restaurants, resorts and other types of lodging.

In this workshop 100% of the attention will be spent helping travel-industry businesses increase their sales, extend their seasons, and see a stronger return on their marketing investment. You’ll see:

  • Examples of the most effective printed marketing materials you can emulate
  • How best to spend your marketing dollars - specifically
  • How to design effective print and online ads
  • How to better leverage your social media efforts
  • Ways to extend your seasons
  • The top three strategies to pull people in the door
  • The power of having your business “secretly shopped”

If you work in the travel industry, make this workshop a priority! Bring everyone you know that has visitor-based clientele, along with marketing agencies, and stakeholders. The tips and tricks in this workshop are invaluable ways to increase your business.

Roger Brooks Video Library

Contact Elizabeth if you would like a private screening of any of these webinars, as it is a membership-based program.