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Important News & Information

Below you will find recent updates and links to resources on issues and events that could impact Estes Park's tourism industry. We encourage you to inform yourselves and your staff in order to better educate guests on what is happening in and around Estes Park. 

Repairs to Upper State Highway 7, Estes Park to Raymond

  • 10-20 min weekday delays are expected through October 2017. 
  • Full closures of SH-7 are not expected, but single-lane traffic at culvert crossings that will be managed with temporary signals.
  • Signals will alternate traffic during non-construction hours with a maximum 5-minute hold.
  • During working hours flaggers will maintain holds shorter than 10 min the exception of days when rock fall mitigation occurs which may require holds up to 30 minutes.
  • Working hours will be will be Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. with any traffic disruptions ending by noon on Friday.  
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County Road 43 (Devil's Gulch Road) 

  • This road, that runs from Glen Haven to Drake and Estes Park, is undergoing reconstruction from the 2013 flood. Current construction conditions and updates can be found here: 


U.S. Highway 34 Construction Updates (Loveland to Estes Park)

Summer 2016: July to Early October
  • US Highway 34, between Loveland and Estes Park, will remain open through the summer of 2016 and into October.

  • Some preliminary construction efforts will begin in July of 2016, just east of Drake, and will cause some short-term delays.

  • Summer 2016 route from Loveland to Estes via US Hwy 34:  47 minutes, 31 miles (Google Map)

Fall to Spring: Early October 2016 to Early June 2017
  • US 34 in the Big Thompson Canyon – between the Dam Store and Estes Park – will be closed to general public travel during this time period as the road is reconstructed from damage caused by the 2013 flood.

  • The alternate routes for those coming from the north and northeast are easy detours south to Longmont and west through Lyons. These detours only add 10-15 minutes to the drive to Estes Park.

Additional construction details and updates can be found on the CDOT website. 

Distance and Travel Times for Alternate Routes:

Loveland to Estes via I-25: 65 minutes, 50.5 miles


Central Loveland to Estes via  CO Hwy 287 to US Hwy 36:  59 minutes, 45 miles

US 34 Talking Points & Local News

  • US Highway 34 will remain open through the summer of 2016 and into early October. 
  • Some pre-construction work will be done, causing periodic short-duration delays from July to October. 
  • Major construction and the associated closure to through traffic will begin in early October, after Elk Fest. The exact date has not yet been released. 
  • The additional mileage and travel time for the closure detours through Lyons are very minimal:
    • Only 14 additional miles and only 11 additional minutes from the center of Loveland.
    • Only 17 miles and 14 minutes longer from I-25 in Loveland.
    • See the maps above for route options and details.
  • While this process is a major reconstruction, we have confidence that CDOT and Kiewit Construction will efficiently manage this project and reopen the highway as quickly as possible.

Download a pdf of these talking points to share with your staff, including a map for your front desk.

The Colorado Department of Transportation and Kiewit Infrastructure Co. will host a public meeting on Wednesday, July 20, at 6 p.m. at the Ellis Ranch in Loveland, 2331 Ellis Ranch Lane, to discuss impacts of work in the US 34 canyon through the summer.

Full details of what will be covered at this meeting can be found here. We encourage you to attending this meeting to learn more about this important flood recovery project.

While you might start to see construction-related activities beginning Monday, July 18, as Kiewit begins mobilizing personnel, equipment and materials to the area and setting up their field trailers, traffic impacts won't begin until August.

As the project now starts to turn to the construction phase, we want to also call your attention to these new project information resources so you can program them into your devices:

Information hotline number: 970-667-1005
Email address:

Visit Estes Park will continue to monitor public conversations around this topic on social media and through guest interactions. We will work continuously throughout the construction process to correct any misconceptions and counter negative press. If you encounter erroneous, negative or concerning comments or information, please send it to Brooke at

Read more on Visit Estes Park’s strategy for minimizing the impact of the US 34 closures.